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Craig Oxbrow's Journal
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Thursday, June 9th, 2016
1:05 am
So it's three years since I broke my arm and it still doesn't feel entirely right. Yay.
Sunday, December 27th, 2015
12:01 am
With a couple things left to come in but everything here opened:

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Friday, December 25th, 2015
12:01 am
Compliments of the season
in whatever form it takes for you!

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Thursday, December 17th, 2015
4:29 am
The Force Awakens at play?
We already have a Resistance era X-Wing starter set from FFG, and now individual fighters... hoping for more. A lot more. An Armada set for the big ships seems likely. A miniatures skirmish game like Imperial Assault could be great, especially with single miniatures and vehicles. The other eras have had various 25/28/30mm miniatures lines, and the IA miniatures are very nice and look great painted up, albeit by a better painter than me...

And RPG material? Fingers crossed... and I don’t even like their system.

(Their latest RPG launch, this week, is a book on Jedi Guardians, featuring Kanan and the Ghost from Rebels.)

In other tie-ins we’ve had a lot of bridging stories, and some looking back connecting to Rebels in particular. Now I expect to see Resistance era stories start to appear. Some of our new heroes have had adventures already, so they could star in books and comics easily.

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4:12 am
The Force Awakens spoilers
Okay, you were warned.

Yes you were.

More than once.

Still here?

Okay then...(.)

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4:10 am
The Force Awakens
There will be spoilers. Oh, such spoilers there will be.

Seriously now.

I mean it.

Putting them in a separate post for at least two weeks.

And even then being a bit vague.

While we wait - the staff at the Cameo here were in costume, with the request not to take photos or be noisy with spoilers on the way out delivered by a pretty good Emperor... who then Force choked one of the others to underline his point.

And Oscar Isaac doing a cover of the Bill Murray Star Wars song.

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Wednesday, December 16th, 2015
12:07 am
Return Of The Jedi
Return Of The Jedi is probably the most “normal” sequel of the series, expanding on familiar elements, kind of the same but bigger and better. Its big innovation is emotional...

Three dot ellipsis...(.)

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12:05 am
The Empire Strikes Back
I will get to a point with these sometime, I swear. But anyway.

The guy who finds Luke and Han on Hoth gets killed. Harsh!

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015
12:05 am
Star Wars
(Episode IV: A New Hope)

When I was a kid, I thought that Stormtroopers and TIE pilots were Darth Vader’s guys while the regular soldiers were Tarkin’s. Nothing about this film shows I was wrong.

Other observations - rambling alert.

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Monday, December 14th, 2015
11:57 pm
Star Wars, Episodes I-III
As I noted almost four years ago in a post about prequels in general, the Star Wars prequels are a sore spot for a lot of genre fans, and this remains true as Episode VII is days away. There have been many rewatching the existing films articles... This one is mine.

I bought the Art Of books long before the films. They’re great. Highly recommended.

The timing of West End Games losing the licence after ten years of at-times-great work meant that the d20 RPG got to cover the prequels, poor misbegotten thing. (This did lead to a system where Jedi had to be balanced with non-Jedi, but it did so across levels.)

I may have fast forwarded some Jar Jar, some podracing, some committee talk, some midichlorians...

First, some positivity: If the new non-episode movies get Ewan McGregor back for more Obi-Wan adventures I’d happily go for that. His affable, world-weary, sometimes snarky performance helps immensely.

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Friday, December 11th, 2015
12:16 am
Joss Whedon on story, scale, spinoffs...
... and more, at the Oxford Union.

Everybody is the hero, every character is the main character.
Thursday, April 23rd, 2015
11:54 pm
Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Avengers: Age Of Ultron left me giddy, and also exhausted. The shawarma scene at the end of the first film? That was me. I ate and went to bed and then got up again to talk about it. My thoughts, which I can safely predict are going to be a bit rambling:

The Avengers are shown being awesome from the get-go - complete with one of those massive fight scenes in one shot that made a standout moment in the first film, lots of fun banter, and honestly if the film had just been the pre-credits sequence I would still have been pretty happy.

Hawkeye gets to ask and answer “why is the archer here?” as well as redressing the balance of spending most of the first film mind-controlled.

Lots of Hulk. Scary hulk, funny Hulk, badass Hulk.

“I’m glad you asked that because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan.”

How weird the Vision is - and the Vision is really weird - gets played off neatly by everyone acknowledging how weird the Vision is.

Saving people remains an absolute priority. It’s what gets the twins on side, and establishes that they are, and becomes key to the final battle.

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Friday, February 6th, 2015
12:03 am
Recycling from my blog. Because why not?
Vampire: The Miniatures

Nosferatu-type Ghouls here. In hoodies (like Hunters in Left 4 Dead) and clambering out of sewers. Found while searching idly for Buffy miniatures, through here.

Not that I use miniatures (a) more than about once every five years or (b) ever for World Of Darkness games, but I still likes the toys, I does...

Nosferatu are the trickiest clan to get suitable figures for, of course, although there are plenty of original Nosferatu Orlok himself. Mantic Ghouls are lovely multipart figures for less modern examples.

The other clans can be represented by regular miniatures painted with an undead pallor and dark clothes - trenchcoats and katanas optional.

Ral Partha actually produced official classic World Of Darkness miniatures, most of whom seemed to have their arms in the air for some reason. I got the Tremere two-pack and never got around to painting them. RAFM meanwhile produced the, er, not dissimilar Fantastique Noir: Vampyre line - the Nosferatu gangster inspired a character in a game a while later. For the new World Of Darkness there are only the clan miniatures for the boardgame Prince Of The City based on the first edition Requiem clan characters.

Were I so inclined, I’d start with this list...

(And for the record, Hasslefree, Artizan and Character Options provided miniatures for The Watch House...)

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Thursday, January 1st, 2015
12:08 am
Monday, June 9th, 2014
1:08 pm
So, this time a year ago today, I was breaking my arm.

Awesome day.
Friday, December 27th, 2013
1:17 pm
TWH S3 credits
Our own small contribution to the Buffyverse, circa seasons three and four.

Closer to the made-at-the-time S6-7 credits, as the characters are a year or two older and the special effects got better as they went on.

This basically leaves S5, for which I'd have to almost completely recreate the S6-7 credits... and then I'd want to edit those to properly letterbox them and leave the dragon out until S7...

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Wednesday, December 18th, 2013
2:16 pm

"Just tell me when the camera's ready and I'll look up. Hope you like the book!"
Just hanging out with Col. Chris Hadfield.

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Monday, December 16th, 2013
5:40 pm
The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug
If you ever want a demonstration of what effect a different GM can have on a game...

Starting with Sir Peter Jackson's most obvious cameo following concerns his last one was invisible, this rampages generally entertainingly through a mostly familiar story, throwing in subplots and new characters and tie-ins and gags.

Didn't like the song over the credits, but never mind.

Bonus: A sneak preview of C7's Hobbit Tales storytelling card game.

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Sunday, August 18th, 2013
11:00 pm
I've been avoiding mentioning this, but now it's visible in public... I'm in the process of writing a potential chunk of modern setting information for the Trinity Continuum core rules.

Don't worry, I'm not writing the rules. ;)
Friday, July 19th, 2013
10:58 pm
The World’s End
Like S P A C E D? Like Shaun Of The Dead? Like Hot Fuzz? Like Scott Pilgrim? Like the quiet English village SF apocalypses of John Wyndham and their influence on Quatermass and Doctor Who? You'll probably like The World's End.

Also probably the only film where the end credits soundtrack is split between the Housemartins and The Sisters Of Mercy.

The soundtrack does rather reflect my life...

And I hadn't heard the term "whitey-ed" in years. Not since my own high school days.

... Yikes.

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